About Apogee

First and foremost, Apogee is about inclusion. Fostering inclusion means being aware of biases and gender norms, while making conscious choices of how we behave. Inclusion drives our Code of conduct, choice of sponsors, venues and speakers.

Apogee crafts memorable experiences for designers from all demographics

Apogee is a mental model for developing shared understanding:

Blast-off from your comfort zone, explore a new concept from several perspectives, then circle back to share. 

By leaving the comfort zone, we connecting with those around us, and develop empathy.


How can Designers make a difference?

Design is a special discipline because it is often the connective tissue between many business units and software development. It's also an industry that leads in diversity.

As more product and Saas companies become design driven, Designers are uniquely positioned to influence corporate culture and hiring practices in tech. 

San Francisco's design community needs an accessible environment to iterate past the limitations of the individual. 



Foster a safe and reliable environment for designers from all demographics to connect.


Where designers of the future explore new challenges, methods and perspectives.

Guiding principles and behaviors

Simplify ideas, not people

Be critical of ideas while supporting those who generate them

Accessibility over consistency

  • Ensure that events have facilities for persons of all gender identities
  • Provide assistance for those who require it
  • Actively source speakers and workshops that support a range of opinion

Observe first

  • Build empathy through observation
  • Treat design problems as experiments; formulate assumptions to develop a hypothesis to test with real users and prototypes