Events for designers from all demographics 


First and foremost, Apogee is about inclusion. This means being self-aware of biases in diversity and gender norms, while making conscious choices of how we behave.

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Upcoming event


Framer Sessions 04

May 24, 2016 in San Francisco


Guiding Principles

Simplify ideas, not people

  • Be critical of ideas while supporting those who generate them
  • Don't use ad-hominem to win over your stakeholder 
  • Drive inclusion by facilitating design thinking 

Accessibility over consistency

  • Ensure that events have facilities for persons of all gender identities
  • Provide assistance for those who require it
  • Actively source speakers and workshops that support diversity

Observe first

  • Build empathy through observation of your user's problem
  • Fall in love with the problem you want to solve
  • Treat design problems as experiments

Lead a workshop

We need patient people with design skills to lead small workshops on topics like Framer Studio and Design Thinking. Sign up for our newsletter to get involved.


Photo of rocket launch comes from NASA and is public domain . It shows the first American woman in space, Sally Ride, on June 18, 1983.