Events for designers from all demographics

Apogee fosters inclusion in Design. This means being self-aware of biases in diversity and gender norms, while making conscious behavior choices.

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Guiding Principles

Simplify ideas, not people

  • Be critical of ideas while supporting those who generate them
  • Don't use ad-hominem to win over your stakeholder 
  • Drive inclusion by facilitating design thinking 

Accessibility over consistency

  • Ensure that events have facilities for persons of all gender identities
  • Provide assistance for those who require it
  • Actively source speakers and workshops that support diversity

Observe first

  • Build empathy through observation of your user's problem
  • Fall in love with the problem you want to solve
  • Treat design problems as experiments

Lead a workshop

We need patient people with design skills to lead small workshops on topics like Framer Studio and Design Thinking. Sign up for our newsletter to get involved.